In today’s modern world, a heavy travel schedule is a routine for many. The basis of any successful travel wardrobe — business or pleasure — is in the organization. It’s the key in helping to reduce the stress of travel.
packing tips
The pleasure of any trip at all is traveling light. You are always under much less pressure if you do not have a lot of things to worry about, including what you are going to wear that evening or the next day.

The secret is to list down every function and meeting you will have to attend. Then work out the minimum number of items needed to dress appropriately for each one. Always remember too many clothes will confuse you when you are tired and busy. Your suitcase will be heavier than it has to be, and you’ll waste time packing and unpacking.

The type of wardrobe you take depends on the nature of your trip. You’ll need more outfits for six days in one city than for three days each in two cities. (Take note that different people would see you in the two places so you could wear exactly the same things twice.)
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