It’s summer and one’s mind is set on that one essential thing: Travel—as in vacation and relaxation. But do not let the hassles of traveling to your paradise bog you down and take the fun out of your vacation.

Here are practical traveling tips:

• On a roll - The best space-saving way to pack your clothes is to roll them. This way there will also be fewer creases than when you fold them. Lay them like on a bed in your bag or suitcase and then stuff “dead” spaces with socks, stockings, underwear, etc.

• Less is more - Bring clothes that can be mixed and matched easily so you can bring fewer clothes for maximum wear. For business suits and gowns, it is best to have a garment bag to keep them in good shape.
* Never leave home without it-Bring your own pair of slippers, for sanitation purposes.

• Lightweight champ - Have a lightweight hand-carry to contain traveling kit, which holds your essentials like medicines, hygiene and grooming aids, jacket or sweater, spare clothes (in case of unforeseen emergencies), reading glasses, sunglasses and umbrella for places with unpredictable weather.

• Brief interludes – Have a handy duffle bag for overnight trips, land tours, or short trips to the beach or to the gym.

• Don’t miss the flight - Always confirm and reconfirm flight time and boarding gate number even after going through immigration.

• Set the pace - Stretch, get up and pace the aisles every two hours or so to prevent numbing of legs and feet, and promote better blood circulation.

• Do or diet - If you’re a vegetarian, or you have allergies to certain food, request special diet in advance. On the plane, watch what you eat or drink. Observe moderation. Too much alcohol on board can cause dehydration of the skin. Stick to lots of water instead.

• Mental exercises – In your mind walk through every step you’ll need to do in case of plane emergencies. Do the same in your hotel room; note fire exits and floor plan.

• Keep your identity – Always have your ID on your body at all times in case of accident or unexpected situations that call for you to identify. It is also wise to have your ID indicate your blood type and any medical condition doctors should be aware of, like allergy to certain medicine.

• Cash flow - Always have a loose change ready for tips at the airport, taxis, hotel and restaurants. Bring US dollars with you at, all times for emergencies. When departing from a country which you plan to visit again, don’t exchange all its currency; leave some for future trips.

• Homesickness - Keep two sets of watches, one set in the country you’re in, the other to your home so you don’t always have to convert the time when calling home. Purchase an international phone card which you can use both on public and private phones. It makes calling much more convenient and less expensive.