In today’s modern world, a heavy travel schedule is a routine for many. The basis of any successful travel wardrobe — business or pleasure — is in the organization. It’s the key in helping to reduce the stress of travel.
packing tips
The pleasure of any trip at all is traveling light. You are always under much less pressure if you do not have a lot of things to worry about, including what you are going to wear that evening or the next day.

The secret is to list down every function and meeting you will have to attend. Then work out the minimum number of items needed to dress appropriately for each one. Always remember too many clothes will confuse you when you are tired and busy. Your suitcase will be heavier than it has to be, and you’ll waste time packing and unpacking.

The type of wardrobe you take depends on the nature of your trip. You’ll need more outfits for six days in one city than for three days each in two cities. (Take note that different people would see you in the two places so you could wear exactly the same things twice.)

Packing Tips

Start your wardrobe plan by roughly listing the clothes you’ll need for the various functions that await you there. You may start planning a week or two in advance in case anything needs to be cleaned, pressed, or repaired. A few days before the trip hang out your clothes in a rack, and then add on the accessories, starting with shoes and bags, and work up through belts and jewelry. Keep all shoes, belts, and bags in the same color so they may be interchangeable.

The next day, start editing the clothes you chose to bring. It may surprise you though that you can actually remove half of the pieces you’ve selected. Seeing the clothes in a rack or clothesline helps you to figure out how you can cut down on basic items like skirts, pants and shoes.

This system — whether the trip is for three days or three weeks — is practically foolproof. You’ll rarely forget essential items plus you can travel light. And the best part of this is that you will discover more fashion combination to extend the mileage and versatility of each piece of the outfit.

Packing a Suitcase

You will want to choose the simplest pieces; ones that you know fit you easily and comfortably: dresses, jackets, skirts, pants, and tunics. New clothes are not for trips! You don’t need the stress of finding a brand-new jacket is too tight or really doesn’t go with your basic skirt.

Of course you can experiment with new accessories, but include some of your favorites as well — the ones that give you an instant lift when you are tired.

Your best bet for die actual traveling is a neutral-colored, wrinkle-proof pantsuit. Lighten the look with a white shell and a lively scarf. You’re then prepared for the worst — delays, rerouting, changes in weather — and more than likely you will arrive looking great.