I’m sure lots of people have their own slice of frustrations experiencing how to navigate inside the airport. Considering that you spend a great amount of time inside the flight terminal waiting for departure along with an empty stomach, here comes the easy to navigate, interactive iPhone and iPad apps that will help you out of that frustration.

Iphone app

This app gives you details on the entire food choices, and helps you discover the nearest restaurant, stores, most adjacent restroom, connecting gates as well as services easily obtainable in 85 airports all over America, together with reviews by actual customers (such as an online Zagat guidebook meant for airports).

Using this app on your own Iphone or iPad, finally no more walking aimlessly through an unfamiliar place marveling if perhaps there is anything better across the following bend or in the other hallway. Rather, you are going to know precisely what to anticipate and where to search to locate it. Plus the information on Gate Guru is currently made available on the KAYAK iPhone applications through the “airports” tab.

The new app makes it possible for users in browsing maps or routes even though they are not attached to the network, an integral factor given that airline travelers generally have no choice but to set their own cell phones into “airplane mode setting.

Personally, every time I’m inside the airport, the first thing that I m trying to look for is the electric power outlet, so I will be able to charge my notebook or cell phone. However, this kind of app is yet to be something that they could crowd source eventually. This will be incredibly useful if this one will be included, isn’t it?