People from France tend to be born by having an inborn feeling on how to flourish of their natural environment. Dressing nicely, ingesting effectively as well as behaving on their own with basic caution are important elements in this survival system.

There are additionally some hard-and-fast guidelines, which underlie the behavior and actions of the common folk and offer an essential (although entirely not logical) social framework. When my friend was getting ready to move to Paris last couple of years ago, an associate cautioned her concerning these types of rules.

For the outside spectator, they appear to be an accumulation of ridiculous Old Wives’ Tales, yet to the French, this is significant business. In case being desecrated, they are going to result in instant death… or perhaps more serious.

Take note: The rules don’t have to be supported by evidence or proof by any specific truthful investigation or tried logic. Many of us have no idea the reason why they are correct, yet we all know they are simply because they probably always will be. Therefore, cease wondering and stop any queries out from your mind.

1. Wearing a scarf all the time

It’s obvious why the French possesses numerous terms regarding different types of neck ornaments (foulard, écharpe, châle, fichu, etc.). In case you head outdoors without having one, you won’t just break the rules of French fashion, nevertheless, you will probably endanger yourself. Your own neck is delicate; protect it. Please note: scarves cure not merely the normal cold, but a wide range of known illnesses.

2. Always be concerned about air-conditioning

It can be aberrant and shall be averted no matter what. Anybody who may have experienced to suffer from intense heat, August’s night in a French loft could verify the truth that in France, they consider this particular rule significantly.

A few accommodations offer an exception — tourists might be sacrificed — but your typical French family steers clear. Better to have a heatstroke rather than perish of the unexplainable AC-related ailment.

3. By no means don’t place food

which is still warm inside the refrigerator. It really is okay, on the other hand, to leave the food opened on the counter — or perhaps put, outside the windowsill—for days at any given time.

4. Exercising is for foreigners

Or person from other countries as well as the misinformed. In case you need to do it, always be inconspicuous. The truth is, you can put on regular street clothing (jeans is sensible) so that you can provide the impression that you’re not, in fact, doing exercises. You should definitely appear not interested, as though this is not necessarily your own notion.

5. Lightning will most likely bust your Television

And also there is practically nothing that can be done about this. In case a lightning rage will hit, keep your distance from the television, lest it blows up and electrifies you.

6. Don’t eat cooked butter in the morning

Just People in America do this, because of that, they are plump. It’s okay to smear uncooked butter around your tartine or slice of bread, but God restricts you to attempt in preparing an egg with butter — or else you will turn out to be overweight. Right after midday, needless to say, feel liberated to consume the maximum amount of rendered fat as you desire.

7. Determining your unborn child’s sexuality

If you are expecting and wish to know if the child is going to be a girl or a boy, don’t spend your time visiting the physician. Merely, string your wedding band onto a lock of hair and hold it above the pregnant belly. In case it moves back and forth in circular motion, it’s a boy, and once it moves just like a pendulum, it’s a girl.

When you do not possess a wedding band, I suppose you’ve got some other issues to concern yourself with. Quit thinking about the sexuality of your love child and strengthen oneself for a few serious Tsk-ing from your French grandma. What’s promising? Pregnancy — legally married or in other respects —does not eliminate consuming (the temperate, French sort of drinking, bien sûr).

Above rules should provide you enough knowledge to stay alive, for the moment. Just in case adhering to these kinds of rules isn’t going to make you more secure, it should (at the minimum) turn you into more French. Bon courage!