Aquatico Beach Resort

Another place that we went during our vacation trip overseas is the Acuatico Beach Resort situated in Laiya Batangas, Philippines. The place really surprised me as I wasn’t anticipating to discover a resort that might truly live up with my standards in terms of accommodations.

Initially, I was hesitant to try this new place because the location is kind of far from Manila. It took us 4 hours drive to get there, but I could say it was a notable achievement because the place is breathtaking as you can see the villas in the picture below.

aquatico Beach Resort

This is actually a new resort, though the sand is not comparable to Boracay, yet it is fairly white for my norms. What really caught my fancy is the infinity pool, the layout is perfectly planned, and it rightly hit the center of the resort overlooking the beach, and it seems to stretch infinitely towards the sea.

The Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

The infinity rooms are tastefully decorated with a modern zen touch on it along with the LCD TV and queen sized bed. However, one drawback that I didn’t like is the bathroom and shower room, which is kind of small, you will find it hard to accommodate 2 persons using the bathroom at the same time.

The good thing we transferred to the Executive Suites, which has a site deck facing the infinity pool. The Executive suites are nice and more spacious, particularly the bathroom and the cost per night is Php 7,350, which is not bad.

Another disappointment is the food, we really don’t have so much choice, though they have the buffet being served for breakfast and dinner. I was expecting that their chef will come up with more dishes to fit the taste of a tourist like me. However, overall, it was a great weekend break after spending 2 days and 3 nights in the resort.